Appy Tuesday- iDevice App of the Week

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Story Wheel is an app for the iPad and iPhone that is designed to promote audio storytelling. Spin the Story Wheel on your device and when it lands on an image, dictate a short story based on that image. When you are finished recording, you can play your story back with animations generated by Story Wheel. The basic Story Wheel app is free. You can add more thematic sets of images like the Pirate theme to the app with a $.99 in-app purchase. The video below offers a short overview of Story Wheel in action.


Mobile Learning

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Bring Your Lessons to the iPad

TechSmith has released a free iPad appcalled ScreenChomp that lets you create screencasts with audio narration on the go. You draw freehand on the iPad’s touch screen—the app offers 12 colored pens to choose from—and as you doodle, your voice gets recorded in sync with the drawing. The recorded video can be downloaded as an MPEG-4 file from the Web site, which you can then upload to YouTube or any other video sharing Web site.

**Click Here to Access Free ScreenChomp App**

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ShowMeApp is another free whiteboard app for the iPad that offers similar recording functionality, but you cannot download the recorded screencasts.
Click Here to Access Free ShowMeApp
See how Matt Lindsay at Countryside is using this to share video lessons with students and parents.

Partial Sums

Apps for Learning to Read



**Reading Aloud**

**Books for Beginners**


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Apps for Learning Math

This post is not about one App but about lots of Apps for Learning Math
iPad Apps

**iPhone Apps**
Use these links to iTunes to learn about Apps that will help you focus on different standards in math...
  • Numbers and Operations
  • Geometry and More
  • Algebra
  • Calculus
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Applying Math
  • Math Games
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Dragon Dictation is text to speech. Record your voice and it recognizes speech

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Google Earth
posted Apr 6, 2011 6:56 AM by Molly Schroeder [ updated Apr 6, 2011 7:07 AM ]
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Did you know? You can take a screen capture with your iDevice by holding the power button and the home button at the same time.

Lesson Idea: Have students take screen shots of different locations using Google Earth and then POW Strip Design to add text about that specific location.

Think about reading: Students could look at locations in different books you are reading, visit them using Google Earth on your iDevice and write about setting in the novel!