Educational Uses

iPads in the Classroom

iPad Educational Uses

What Would You Use iPads in the Classroom to Do?

  • Apps and so much more

  • Videos (including screencasts, reverse lecturing, etc.) (Khan Academy)

  • Discovery Education

  • BrainPop

  • Online Resources (HippoCampus)

  • Electronic Textbooks (Inkling

  • Slideshows and Movies (iMovie)

  • Communication and Collaboration (Skype)

  • Creation (DoodleBuddy)

  • Organization and Productivity (Evernote, iCal)

  • Classroom Centers (use a splitter to accommodate more than 1 child)

  • Content Access (QR code reader apps, augmented reality apps)

  • Projection of content (Proscope)

  • Your ideas?

  • iPad Activities and Examples