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Apps for Finding Apps


  • App Shopper - Keeps you up to date on the newest App Store apps, sales, and freebies.

  • App Hits Updates the latest free and discounted apps hourly. Made specifically for the iPad.

  • PandoraBox Help users be aware of what’s new and whats hot. It’s also designed to help users track when an app they are interested in is on sale.

  • Free App Tracker This app is designed specifically for finding free apps. It will even find those that have dropped in price or apps that were once paid, but have become a free application.

  • Appstream This app is a great one for just finding one of those random Apps that you may not have otherwise noticed. You can set it to filter and only find free apps or only iPad apps, etc. It’s just a constantly flowing stream of app icons and you tap on something that catches your attention

  • HotAppDeals This is another great App for those who like to track what’s recently been made free.

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